Eve Blackmon : Originally from Germany but has been in the states for years and decided to follow one of her life goals: become a successful real estate agent.She is determined to help you with your real estate needs and will work hard to make sure you are satisfied with her performance.    




Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine, Sofiia is fluent in three languages and specializes in representing clients whose first languages are Ukrainian or Russian.  She makes sure new residents to Colorado Springs feel welcome here and love living in this beautiful area as much as she does.  She’s eager to help anyone with real estate needs.







 Dawn King : Handles people with a special sensitivity that is appealing to all ages and backgrounds.Dawn has tenacity and with that a pleasantness that assures her clients they are in good hands.Her clients recognize her ability to do her job right.





 Judy Trout : Has years of experience in major franchised companies. She became the Broker/Owner of 'Blue Spruce Real Estate' in 2007. In addition to consistently encouraging and teaching the agents in the company, she also wor​ks with buyers and sellers.



Tracie Weiman: Works hard to make sure her clients will be happy with their choices made when buying or selling. Her ability to counsel and present various options has enabled her clients to make good choices resulting in happy endings.